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Queen Persian Kitty

     In May 2018, Rambod Rezaie explored his inner persona and brought it to life as Queen Persian kitty (Malake Pars), after doing drag for a year, she was adopted by one of the most reputable Drag artists in Canada, Misty Meadows Empress 47 of the Mother Court of Canada, and she became a part of the house of Meadows. 


     Queen Persian Kitty, also known as QPK, is one of the very first Persian Canadian Drag artists in the world, and she was the very first Persian Drag Queen to ever tour Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, performing on the finest stages of drag among some of the most recognized drag queens in North America, after doing drag for only two years.


     Queen Persian Kitty is loved among the audience and is known for being a messenger for Middle easters queer youths, as most of what she earns in drag is donated towards Rainbow refugees. This mission began after some of her very first performances, she was approached by the member of the audience, from Iranian and middle eastern backgrounds saluting her for what she does, representing not only a country but also a whole region of the world where queer people face adversity daily.

     After Queen Persian Kitty ( QPK) became a finalist in Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar in 2020, she then Co-Established the House of Persia with her Drag Children Meryk and Parisa of Persianality Issues, as the very first Persian Drag House ever founded in North America. 


     Queen Persian Kitty has high horizons for her art, as drag means so much more to her than the everyday performer. With high hopes on becoming a cast on Rupaul's Drag Race, or Drag Race Canada, she continues fighting for queer rights and raising awareness. 


     Drag Queens who inspire QPK the most are her drag mother Misty Meadows, her drag Glammas Carlotta Gurl and Sienna Blaze,  Brooklyn Hytes, Kameron Micheals, Roxy Andrews and Jackie Cox.

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