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      It was through them that he walked in Miami's Fashion week, after showcasing his talents in Miami Showcase 2015.

Rambod Rezaie was approached by cosmetics, fashion, and beauty brands, and started being an influencer on instagram as his main social media platform. 

Rambod Rezaie made appearances as a fashion Model in Toronto Men’s Fashion week TOMF in 2015, and Vancouver Fashion Week 2015, 2016. 

Rambod Rezaie then started his own Fashion Campaign, the Extension of Personality in 2017-2018.

Rambod Rezaie was then Casted as Top 15 male models in Canada to compete for the Search for Canada's Next top Model in 2019.

 Modeling Career 

     Rambod was discovered as a model in 2014 in New York, NY. He was offered a spot at Seven Models, an agency that worked primarily in Toronto -at the time, Rambod’s former hometown. Rambod then was booked for multiple advertisement campaigns, prints and runways and was scouted by ICE models Los Angeles.

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