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     Rezaie will resume his medical education and career in August 2020. Rambod began volunteering in multiple health care organizations and their related charities since he was ten. MAHAK Hospital, MAHAK Charity in Iran, and HIM Clinic in Canada are two of the prime examples. 

     Rambod Rezaie comes from a long line of physicians, and the profession has roots in his family for many generations. Rambod has traveled globally and has had the opportunity to shadow some of the most reputable physicians, in order to further his understanding for his future profession as a physician.

     Rambod Rezaie started his secondary education in the National Organization of Exceptional Talents ( Allameh Helli 1) in Tehran, Iran. Where he became the president of the Science and Technology seminar and won several awards for his research project. After receiving an offer from University of Toronto’s summer program, Rambod then moved to Canada in 2012. Upon completing his summer program at the University of Toronto, Rambod Rezaie was accepted to complete the rest of his secondary studies in St. Andrew’s College, one of the most prestigious schools in the globe. 

     After his graduation From St. Andrews College, Rambod Rezaie started his post secondary education at the University of British Columbia in 2015, where he moved from Toronto to Vancouver. While completing his Bachelors of Science degree, Rambod Rezaie was accepted to complete a Fundamentals of Medicine certification program at Harvard University.


     Rambod Rezaie earned the following accolades:

• Harvard Medical School Achievement Award for Genetics (2017-18)

• Harvard Medical School Achievement Award for Immunology (2017-18)

Rambod Rezaie will be resuming his Medical Education in August 2020.

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